Food fair fantasies

3 03 2015

Last week, Joanna Blythman published an article in The Guardian entitled Inside the food industry: the surprising truth about what you eat, featuring extracts from her new book, Swallow This, which alleges to uncover the “darkest secrets” of the food industry. I was therefore intrigued to find out what these dark secrets were.

I found myself in the dark, eerie, indoor expanses of Frankfurt’s Blade Runner-like Festhalle Messe.

I immediately pictured a futuristic mash-up of Los Angeles and Shanghai in 2019 (or 1992 if you prefer book to film), with replicants lurking in the shadows and robotic sheep around every corner. However, this was no SciFi convention; instead it was a food ingredients fair. Determined to enhance the scare factor, she likens it to an arms fair, but I guess an arms fair is just a trade fair that exists to sell weaponry, just as a food ingredients fair exists to sell, err, food ingredients. Nothing sinister so far.

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100-day cough on the increase

5 01 2012

Today, the HPA issued a press release about the increase in whooping cough cases in the UK. However, I suspect that this disease is still being severely underreported.

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Cool It and other stuff

3 06 2011

Every year at the Hay Festival, I go to hear the latest darlings of the environmental movement talking about how they are going to save the planet, and this year was no exception.

My Hay 2011 started off in a windy tent with Mark Lynas talking about his new book “The God Species” and how optimistic he was that we could adapt and mitigate our way into the future.

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Straw men and hair splitting

7 11 2010

I was very much looking forward to the airing of “What the Green Movement Got Wrong” on Channel 4 on Thursday November 4th. This programme presented the views of Stewart Brand and Mark Lynas that the Green Movement has become far too entrenched in its position on several issues, including genetic engineering and nuclear power, and that maintaining those positions is damaging not only to the Green Movement itself, but also, ironically, to the environment.

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An alphabetical tour with Stephen Fry

7 06 2010

This year’s fabulous Hay Festival was brought to a close yesterday by the equally fabulous Stephen Fry, who was talking to Peter Florence (who is also pretty fabulous).

The direction of the interview was determined by an alphabetical list of words provided by Peter and the audience, and neatly filled a fascinating 2 hours of eloquent chat.

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Buds abreaking

16 04 2010

Buds breaking on my first grafted tree

In early March, I spent a very enjoyable weekend learning how to prune and graft fruit trees. The event was organised by the Marcher Apple Network, and the course taken by Cormac Griffiths from the Irish Seed Savers.

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Wonder of Wonders

17 03 2010

Oh I am enjoying Prof Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Solar System so much. What a fabulous series. And I can’t wait to get it on BluRay (unfortunately, I’m often out on Sunday evenings, so I miss the HD broadcasts). Brian’s presenting style is so accessible and his enthusiasm is contagious. I wish he could present every physics documentary on the BBC!

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